Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Corey's Amazing Prom Dates

Corey had the chance of a lifetime! These past two weekends (April 10th and 17th) he was able to go to 2 Proms! The first weekend was the Mormon Prom. Several stakes in the valleys got together and rented out an airplane hanger in North Las Vegas. The groups got to sign up to eat dinner at member's houses around the valley and then went a 40's style Prom in the hanger! Corey absolutely loved it and wants them to continue to do the Mormon Prom for upcoming years.

The second Prom Corey went to was the school's Prom. However, his group decided that the tickets to the school Prom were way to expensive so they did their own thing. They had dinner at a restaurant, went to see Beatles' Love on the Strip and went back a member of their group house and made cookies and all had a blast! He loved both nights and got to take two amazing girls on two fantastic dates! 


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